Aboriginal Legends rekindle American bouts of friendship – NAIDOC 2012

© Miriam Cabello • Ron Richards I Old Holland Oil on Belgian Linen • 2011

Leveraging the dynamic energy of Brooklyn New York, Sydney Artist Miriam Cabello launched her captivating White Rope series of paintings at the Brooklyn (DUMBO) Arts Festival in September 2011. These works depict and perpetuate the oral histories of Aboriginal Australian boxing legends Dave Sands, Ron Richards, Tony Mundine and Lionel Rose. Many of their outstanding accomplishments and exchanges with their American peers have been fading from contemporary conversation, rekindling these oral histories is key to Miriam Cabello’s artistic odyssey.

From the exposure and interest generated at the Brooklyn Arts Festival the paintings in the White Rope series began their journey across America. Her oil painting Ron Richards I was an award winner at the National Art Museum of Sport (NAMOS), Indianapolis, where it remains on show till February 2012. The judges praised her unique, masterful oil painting technique ©Spectral Kinetic Realism in which she paints the subjects’ individual colour temperature with layered transparent colours.

On viewing the works at NAMOS the owners of Gerry Gallery in Connecticut wanted the White Rope series to continue their cultural exchange. The gallery, only an hour from the boxing heartland of Brooklyn, have selected key works from the series to be on exhibition from March 2012.

This satellite network of shows will culminate in Sydney for NAIDOC Week 2012. Plans are unfolding to showcase this profound art and harness oral history causeways simultaneously in multiple venues. Discussions with NAIDOC committee members, local council representatives and gallerists are well underway. The inspiration is to transpose with oil paint, soundscapes and new media the profound journey of these Aboriginal Australians engaged in an iconic western sport.

For further information please visit www.mlcgallery.com


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Designer, communicator and curious commentator on the value and exploitation of colour to communicate thought, fears, agenda, boundedness, beauty and bounty.
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