Super size my satirist

Product placement encompasses the crude and obvious as witnessed in the contemporary landscape of the Soap Opera to increasingly subtle and sophisticated branding techniques that evoke stronger emotional and cultural connections.

Product placement is not solely represented by industries selling consumeribles, trends or art it is also an integral part of the political environment and the political satirists revenue stream. Be it John Stewart branding his political aspirations within a comedic landscape to Colbert disguising info-mercials amongst his myriad thought provoking interviews.

So when are Stewart and Colbert pushing product? Interviews disguised as authentic pieces that are promoting books to a receptive audience. Promoting and interviewing ‘rival presenters’ to stimulate audience loyalty, and ignite sales through faux feuding as seen with Jon Stewart v Bill O’Reilly. The battle of their respective book launches. To obvious Soap Opera style placement placement–a comical piece on Colbert’s show, is the promotion vehicle for his and Jimmy Fallon’s new ice creams by Ben&Jerry.

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Ice Cream Hallucination With Jimmy Fallon
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Crossing the fine line between genuine satirical pieces and direct commercialism, a line being traversed in The Greatest Movie Ever Sold by Morgan Spurlock. Have we been super sized?


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