Follow your rainbow

Natures rainbow is an amazing vision of beauty which humans utilize to great anthropomorphic affect. In Greek mythology, Thaumus, God of Wonder, sent his daughter Iris, the rainbow, as his messenger of light to the people, in Indigenous culture the soul of the rainbow communicates through us (explore Indigenous culture at Creative Spirits) and in GLBT culture the rainbow has become a symbol of fortitude reflecting human diversity. This concept is poignantly expressed in Cyndi Laupers song “True Colours.”

The beauteous rainbow, a symbol of freedom, protest and peace. I shall continue to post information and views on the rainbow and its importance to human communication and the vital role it plays in colouring are agendas. (rainbow flags)


About mlcgallery

Designer, communicator and curious commentator on the value and exploitation of colour to communicate thought, fears, agenda, boundedness, beauty and bounty.
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3 Responses to Follow your rainbow

  1. biancaagius says:

    Interesting topic Victor, I agree, that symbolism is all around us and all to often we forget the mythology, and teaching of those before, how such things have come to represent such strong messages and how these symbols are universal. Communication transgresses the spoken word and often lies in the simplicity of a symbol.

    • mlcgallery says:

      The more I read on the topic the more my affections for colour grow. I have always had a thing for it but exploring its variety of interpretations and how, when used in a positive manner, its transformative powers are amazing.

  2. Vivian says:

    Interesting topic! Color sometime seems a technical communication strategy. Advertising article usually with colorful visual to attract target audience’s eye.

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