History and Lore: White is a mixture of all colors. It symbolizes purity, joy, and innocence. The angels in early art were always draped in white. In Egypt the pharaoh wore a white crown to verify his dominion over Upper Egypt. Greeks wore white to cause pleasant dreams. Ancient Persians believed all gods wore white. In India it is the color of the holy men and women. In the Hindu Upanishads, the white color of the fire is considered to be the color of the water. In ancient Ireland white represented south. To the Navaho white denotes the eastern mountains and the creator of the day, and to the Hopi it denotes the east. To the Chinese white represents the west as well as being the symbol for metal and the traditional color for mourning. White was worn by those who mourned Julius Caesar. In Siam white elephants are sacred. A white flag is raised as a token of peaceful and friendly intentions or as a symbol of surrender. Many people consider it bad luck to be married in anything but a white garment.


About mlcgallery

Designer, communicator and curious commentator on the value and exploitation of colour to communicate thought, fears, agenda, boundedness, beauty and bounty.
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